Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good news

I'm back again with a bit of good news.  I think I may have found the herd that attracted The rake in to the herb garden from my fourth blogpost. 

Date: Saturday, July 30th.  Time: around one in the afternoon.

As usual for almost every Saturday I went outside to do some yard work with some liquified spicy concoction in a spray bottle just in case Mr. Long Sharp claws decided to show his face.  For the most part all my work went on with out a problem until I went to do some trimming in my family's garden.  When I entered the garden I saw who else but the Rake trying to chase a poor rabbit possibly to make a meal out if it.  Now I know a lot of you reading are going to call me an idiot for what I did but darn it I couldn't just let the Rake hurt the rabbit.  Anyway me being me threw a rock at the humaniod abomination to draw it's attention away from the rabbit.  Good news was the rabbit was safe, the bad news I was now on the menu.  Unfortunatly for that poor bastard I had a little surprise for him.  Needless to say He found out what that little surprise was the hard way(the best way for him)  And once again I heard the Rake's horrible cries of pain and to be honest part of me was taking pleasure in it.  I was about to spray him again to show him who's the boss around here until he swiped at the hand that was holding the spray bottle and in the process cutting my hand.  And yeah it friggin hurt.  It was around that time that I decide to book it back inside the house with the Rake following close behind. I was able to make it to the back porch door and once again the Rake seemed drawn to an herb in the herb garden and was once again spooked by something and ran off. That's when I took the opportunity to find out what attracted the rake to the herbs.  Turns out it was a wormwood herb that was attracting the Rake.  But more importantly I also found out what spooked him. The herb Rue.

Also another bit of news regarding Rot.  Yesterday afternoon I found a letter someone put in my mail box with no return address.  The Letter said," I you want more information on Rot please come to the following address.  Please try to get here by six days time or what information I have for you will be lost."  That was all the letter said.  I may be a nerd but I'm not stupid  If I'm going up to this area I'm going to be prepared.

 Well I'm going to think this through though I may go.  After all knowledge is a weapon.

Stay safe



  1. Yeah, saving that rabbit wasn’t all that smart, but I would have done the same thing. So, wormwood attracts him, and Rue drives him away… I need to go find some Rue.

    I wonder why you have to be there in six days. What sort of information expires in six days?

  2. I've also got a plan on how to use the wormwood to my advantage.

    Not sure what kind of info this person has but I'm going to be prepared by bringing a smoke bomb, some SC, and a small knife in case things get hairy.

  3. Alright. Good luck, and stay safe.