Sunday, August 7, 2011

New info, an ambush, and a new little friend.

Alright so the good news is it wasn't a trap and I got some information.  The bad news is me and the person  who was giving me the info were ambushed by a third party.  So for the sake of keep myself and my informant safe I will refer to him just as that. Anyway on to what happened. 

I left my home to make the journey to my informant's location sometime mid afternoon.  The trip up there was actually pretty nice aside from the fact that there's a heat wave going on. When I finally made it to the address that was on the letter I found that it was a the home of a man who looked to be in his early fifties who welcomed me inside with open arms. After I came inside he told me the origin of the being who calls himself Rot.

*****During the 14th century a group of occultists who's name was lost to time attempted to summon something into our plain of existence in a vain attempt to gain unearthly power.  However this group only succeeded half way with the deaths of most of the members of this group but five.  The Being that they summoned into our world was only existed in between the material world and the spirit world.  The being had a long almost bird like nose, eyes with out color in the irises, and black hair that seemed to be receding.  This being introduced itself as Rot.  The five people who didn't die because of the botched ceremony had a much worse fate in store  for them.  Rot like I said before only existing partially in the material world placed his hand on each of the surviving members heads with promises of untold power,  however everything has a price.  The price that some of them paid was with their lives.  one member was reported to have been committed to an insane asylum where he eventually chewed through his own tongue and bleed to death. The following was written on his cell wall in his blood that read: Too WEAK!  Another surviving member killed his family in a fit of blind rage  then died of what appeared to be a heart attack.  When the police went to investigate the scene of the murder, on the wall of the home were the murder took place the following was written: STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH!***** 

That's around the time me and my informant heard the sound of a car pulling into his drive way and a look of dread appeared upon my informants face.  He began to panic, he rushed me out the back door of his home and told me to run for it.  At first I didn't understand what was going on until he pulled out a gun and told me if I didn't run he'd give me some incentive to.  At that point I took off running.  I don't think I've ever run that fast in my life but at the same time I think I should have stayed behind and help the old man.  I finally made back home with no one following me but who else should I see in the backyard of my house but The Rake and he looked like he had something cornered. At first I thought it was another rabbit but it wasn't it was a little black and white kitten.  At that point I sneaked to the herd garden and garbed a little bit of rue.  Then I sneaked behind the Rake and made him Rue the day he ever messed with a cat in my presences.  All I did was I taped on his back with the rue, he quickly turned around saw the rue in my hand, let out an ear splitting scream, and took off running.  Oh the plans I have for rue.  Anyway I went to check on the kitten and he looked like he was unharmed by the rake thankfully.  Needless to say I've pretty much adopted the little fellow and I've taken to calling him Sebastian.  (don't ask were the name came from) 

  I think I might as well tell you all the plan I have for the Rue oil.  I plan on using the rue oil to clean my bladed weapons with hopefully to give them some of the same evil fearing powers as the rue itself.  Hopefully this should work.

Sorry this took me so long to get posted.

Stay safe


  1. So Rot is a creature from another plain of existence…
    The old man *really* wanted you to run away, so it was probably a good thing you did.
    Aw, poor kitty. Glad you saved him. Sebastian is a great name.

  2. Well..At least you didn't get caught in the trap. Whatever it was, anyway. I wish we knew who set it though.
    So now that you have information about this Rot creature...Any ideas forming about how to combat it?

  3. @Black Hawk: Well sence Rot's only been appearing in my dreams, I may try to use lucid dreaming to fight him.

  4. An evil being from another area of existence has broken through to ours? This is not good. be careful when fighting this being, as he may have powers you are yet unaware of.
    That said, dream-fighting seems to be your best option.