Thursday, February 16, 2012

And just when things start to go quiet, everything goes to crap.

OK so ever since the little incident back in December things went a little quiet.  At first I thought it was over and the Rake was done bothering me.  That is until mid-January when I started to feel like I was being watched by something when ever I was outside.  At first I brushed it off as me just being a little too paranoid.  That is until my fears were confirmed on January 28th.  I went outside that day at around 4'oclock or so just to go for a stroll down the walking path. However my good mood was quickly put to an end when from the corner of my eye, I thought I saw some type of humanoid creature in the trees staring directly at me.  This thing looked almost bird like And I'm not one hundred percent sure but it looked like it was wearing a mask.  At that point I slowly back away and when I was far enough away I ran back to my house as quickly as possible.  Another incident happened just a few days ago on February 9th while I was in the library of the college I was attending.  I was on the 3rd floor study near a window that had what I once thought a beautiful view of the trees on campus.  But now ever since I saw that thing in the trees on campus as well, these trees only fill me with dread now.  After these little incidents I've been trying to stay inside building and avoid going outside as much as possible.  To be perfectly honest I not sure what to do at this point.  I just hope that I can find some way of defending myself from what ever the hell this thing is.

Stay safe

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas six nights before Christmas

So after months of plaining and a hint of procrastination I finally got the rue steaks ready for the Rake.  The only dificult part of preparing these anti rake delights was trying to stuff the steaks with the rue. I knew that if I just left the rue on the Steaks The rake wouldn't even touch them.  It was a bit tricky to stuff the steaks at first but after a while it got a smidgen easier.  Anyway on the night of December 19th I put the rue steaks and a dish of absinthe out in my family's backyard.  I set up a place in an area on the back porch where the Rake couldn't see me but i could see him as to watch the Rake eat this "wonderful" meal I made for him.  I also had a machete and a short sword at the ready just in case the Rake were to some how pass out and well I would try to put an end to him.  but I set up my little meal for the clawed bastard at around 10:30p.m. at night he didn't show til around 11'oclock or so. He went for the dish of absinthe first and lapped it up fairly quickly then his attention was drawn by the steaks witch the Rake being the Rake began to chow down until the rue did it's thing and caused the Rake what I could most definitely describe as "a shit ton of pain."  I turn on the porch light to see what exactly what was going on The rue as best as I can describe was chemically burning the Rakes mouth.  The Rake was frantically trying to get the Rue out of his mouth but in the process of doing such a thing he passed out.   I saw this as my window of opportunity to finish this bastard once and for all.  To put put an end to him stalking my friend.  An end to him killing innocence. I rushed outside swords at the ready.  I stood there looking at him this is it I thought it's over.  I wish I could type that I did.  I was the man who killed the Rake but I can't because I was to slow.  The Rake woke up the second I raised my blades to deliver the death blow and struck me with an open clawed hand to my right leg.  needles to say it hurt like a living hell.  As I fell to the ground the Rake attempted to pounce on me but missed due to him being slightly inebriated by the absinthe.  Despite the pain in my leg I got back up and grabbed both my swords ready to defend my self.  The Rake got back up and looked directly at me and let out a ear piercing screech that apparently woke my parents up.  hehe.  The Rake was ready to come at me again when something from the trees swooped down, grabbed the Rake, and took him to an area where the porch's light couldn't reach at almost break neck speed.   I'm not sure what it was but it sounded pissed.  I could here the sound of the Rake making whimpering sounds as this thing was what I guess could be described as an ass chewing.  My mom and dad came out just as I was heading back inside. They were pretty frantic as any parent would.  I didn't tell them the whole deal about a humanoid abomination trying to kill me. I was going to tell them that I was trying to take care of a wild animal problem myself but I didn't get the chance because they noticed my leg was bleeding pretty badly so they took me straight to the hospital.  The doctors were able to stitch my leg up however I'm probably going to be limping for a awhile.  The doctor said I was lucky that none of my major veins were cut other wise I might be dead.  I know most of you are probably going to chew me out for being reckless and your right. I apologize for being so stupid.  I haven't seen the Rake in a while.  i'm guessing he's either recovering from the rue or the savage beating he may have receaved from whatever it was that grabbed him during the inciddent.  Either way it make for a bit of a good break.  anyway I should probably wrap this entry up the only way I can by say Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all of you who have stuck by me.  I hope that you holidays aren't filled with Eldritch abominations, but with peace, love and hope fpr the future that one day we will concur these bastards. Sorry if this last bit kind of sounded sappy. Oh well tis the season.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting everything ready and a new resolve.

Well Thanksgiving has past and now it's that time of the year again: Christmas and the one time of the year that ol' slendy is at his weakest, the Solstice.  From what I remember about this the solstice is suppose to represent light coming into the world or something like that I'm not 100% certain on that but bottom line He gets weak during this time of year.  I know some of you are probably wondering why I bring this up. Well I have a theory that maybe the solstice can be used against the Rake as well but again not 100% certain on that.  Anyway I was recently in kind of a depressive mood due to it being so close to the time of year that me and the woman from my past had a falling out. Thankfully Shady and a dream I had helped me gain some new resolve. I believe this dream took place on the night of November 26th and I can only remember was that I sitting in a doctors office and I had a bleeding wound in my chest area. On the wall of the doctor's office I saw the words written in my blood "You know what you must do in order to conquer the rotting fiend."  Then for some reason a white wolf comes in to the office (looking at you Mystery) and starts to lick the wound on my chest.  My first instinct was to try and push the wolf off but before I do the wolf stops licking and leaves the room.  That's when I notice that the wound is gone then I woke up feeling strangely better.  I think I know what I'm going to do in order to beat Rot and hopefully put an end to his game.  Well I guess that's all I have to say for now.  At any rate I must get started on those Rue and absinthe steaks for the Rake. It's time I put an end to this once and for all. I'll try not to be reckless.  I'll try to post here again by Christmas or a few days after. 
ps sorry for not posting on my youtube account as much as I said I would.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Week after Halloween

Once again I apologize for not posting soon enough. I'm going to start by telling you that Rot is back and he's pretty much mind fucking me through my dreams with what he wants me to do to the woman from my past.  The Dream started on October 27th. The dream is always the same.  I'm standing in my backyard an my hands are covered in blood.  I then see the Rake who's crouching down near the entrance to my families garden and he appears to be eating someone who has been disemboweled. The Rake looks right at me and he looks like he's mouthing the words"Thanks for the meal."  Then the Rake just crawls off into the fields and I go to see who it was that the Rake killed and.... it's her. that woman I was once good friends with.  She with what little life she has left looks at me with hate in her eyes and says"I thought we were friends."  Then I hear Rot Laughing wildly from all sides.  The most recent time I had the dream Rot decided to to show himself and talk down to me. "Eventually this will happen given that I push all the right buttons.  And it's a shame to seeing how close you two were"  It was at this point that I got tired  of Rot's mouth and I'm not sure how but I willed my dream to conjure an earth fist from the ground to diliver a uppercut to Rot's chin.  All I have to say about that is DIRECT HIT!  The strange thing was the second the fist made impact on his chin I woke up.

Anyway I would have posted this sooner but there was an incident the week after Halloween.  Sebastian went missing on November 4th and I went a little nuts trying to find him. Until I thought of the worst and possible fate for my feline friend.  I know this kind of goes against what I try to tell people when dealing with the Rake.  But I made the decision to Go after the Rake in the Backfields to find what may have happened to Sebastian.  I grabbed my Machete, my knives, and a water gun. All of which had some form of rue on the or in the case of the water gun, in them. The search for Sebastian took at least three ours and I was almost ready to give up until I heard loud mowing coming from my left.  I turned to see Sebastian who was in what looked like a crudely made cage.  The Cage looked to be made from wood and briar thorns.  I quickly got Sebastian out of this cage when I turned to See The Rake looking pissed off.  I ran with Sebastian back to my house, when we got close I almost tripped letting Sebastian out of my grip.  The Rake went right past me and was heading straight for Sebastian.  That is until I grazed the Rake's cheek with some rue oil from my water gun.  The Rake feeling rue on his face fell off balance and began to scream.  I began to spray him non stop until it looked like he was in severe pain. I thought this would have Been the perfect opportunity to put an end to this thing.  I un sheathed my machete and got ready to go Highlander on him.  Until the Rake kicked my leg  while he was writhing in pain. So I missed but I did  cut his belly up pretty good accidental as it may have been.  After that Little accidental disembowlment, the Rake quickly got into the crawling postition and ran off.  I looked over at Sebastian who was watching the event go down. I walk over to him, picked him back up, and said,"welcome home Sebastian."
 Wow i hope this post wasn't to long.  Oh another not I finally put a vlog on youtube to act as a companion to this blog.

Anyway Stay Safe.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Research, Another plague Doctor, and something that scares The Rake.

First of all I just want to apologize for not posting as often.  You can thank college for that.  (totally worth it though as it makes for a nice distraction from The rake.)  Any way I think I may have found a pepper that would kick my Spicy Concoction to 11 with the help from a little something called the ghost pepper.  The only problem is I'm not so sure where to find the stuff.  I might just check around some health food stores or something.  Anyway Skan recently(last night) talked to me on YouTube and warned me about THE Plague doctor on account of my recent dreams about plague Doctors. Granted I did have a recent dream where a Plague doctor who was dressed in white and wearing a sky blue mask basically told me"One path will lead to the lose of free will and loved ones, while the other path will lead to hope."  But the Plague Doctor that Skan talked about is quite a nasty fellow who spreads the plague and his Plague doctor mask might not be a mask.(eep) During mine and Skan's conversation lil' Sebastien started flipping out and wouldn't you know it the Rake was outside but he seemed worried.  It looked like the Rake was "talking" to something up in the tree tops.  This little inncident went on for about 10 minutes until I heard a avian like Sound from the sky and The Rake high tailed it back to the woods.  I told skan about the incident and she theorized that it may have been a type of bird creature known as The Convocation.  I'm not sure if I agree with the theory but the incident in question does bring back a memory from when I was 14 or so.  I remember that I was talking on the phone with a friend and I saw what at first looked like a plastic bag stuck in a tree.  for some reason I grab my binoculars to see if I was right or not but....well I found out through the binoculars it wasn't a bag at all.  This thing looked almost like a bat hanging from a tree limb with its thumbs.  Then it positioned itself on the tree limb in a crouching position.  It's physique didn't look much like a bat any more as much as it did Gollum from Lord of the rings to some extent.  The next thing I knew it jumped up into the sky and disappeared.  I think maybe that that thing I saw when I was 14 was probably what as talking to the rake but well...DAMN IT I thinking to hard about this. Oh well at any rate going to be hanging out with some friends over the weekend.  That's all i have to say for now I guess. 

Stay safe

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm back in school. And though the faces may have changed, the problems are still the same. ps Rot is an ASSHOLE

Sorry if I didn't post anything sooner like I said I would for those who follow my YouTube page.   Anyway college has started back up again for me (yay) Any who I'm taking elementary Spanish 2 and world lit 1 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Which means I'll have Tuesdays and Thursdays to do as I please.  So far I'm really enjoying my classes.  But the best part of coming back to college, getting to see all my dear friends.

Also Rot was screwing with my dreams this past week.  I don't feel like going into too much detail about what the dreams are about but he's still trying his tactic of making me remember her when I really don't fucking want to and he's getting really aggressive about it as well.  Thankfully this weeks sleep has been a bit better thanks to Skan telling me about special herbs that help with dealing with rot.  Thanks skan, I owe you one.

I haven't seen the Rake since I got him drunk on absinthe. Hopefully I'll have more absinthe and rue oil for when he does come back.  Like I said many times before I have a plan.

Guess that's all I have to say for now.

Stay safe everyone
ps brownie points for anyone who can guess what the title of this post is a reference to.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Absinthe, New plan of action, and some strange dreams

So my weekend was interesting.  I got to see what the Rake was like tipsy,  But I'm getting ahead of myself let's start from the beginning yes?

Last week me and Skan where discussing different ways to some how get rue(an herb that the Rake has a strong dislike for) into the Rake's system somehow. That's when I got the idea to use Absinthe a very strong alcoholic beverage that just happens to have wormwood in it.  Wormwood has the opposite effect on the Rake instead of running for the hill like what rue would do to him, apparently wormwood is in a sense like Rake-nip. Anyway my idea is to soak some raw meat in rue oil and absinthe, but first I wanted to see if absinthe would attract the Rake.  Now I know what some of you are saying"But Faustus Absinthe is hard to get and very expensive."  However I was able to find some absinthe albeit not the good kind but absinthe none the less. (and yes it was expensive)  Normally I could go on and on about alcohol but I'm getting off topic.  Time to start talking about my findings of what happens when the Rake drinks absinthe.

Date: August 13th.

I set a dish of absinthe out for the Rake that in an area where I cloud watch the Rake's reaction to The Absinthe. the Rake came around my property around 8:00 pm or so.  The Rake was doing his usual schtick of leaving me dead animals then it sniffed the air and noticed the dish with absinthe and started to greedily drink the stuff up.  After drank the absinthe he just sat there for a little while then he stood up rather clumsily and proceeded to fall flat on his ass.  I'm not going to lie seeing the thing that's been menacing me for awhile now was a pretty funny sight.  after that little display of clumsiness the Rake left.

Strange dreams have been plaguing my sleep since august 3rd  and another dream that was related to slender man on  August 8th.

Dream from august 3rd
I was walking around in the back fields of were I live when I saw a creature with long legs, walked on all fours, and was super tall. At first I thought is was slender man but slender man isn't covered with hair. It then looked at me then it looked at the wooded area then stared back at me for what seemed like five minutes. That's when I heard the sound of a low pitched siren and this creature ran off.  Each time I had this dream It seemed like I was getting closer to this creature.  The last time I dreamed about this creature I was so close to it I could smell it.  It smelled like the woods during winter time.  This time when it ran off i tried to chase after it but I trip over a rock or something and I remember I was help up by what looked like a plague doctor.  The Plague Doctor then told me to be a little more careful.  That was the last time I had the dream.

Drawing from the dream:

Dream from August 8th:
I remember that Noah was at my house for some reason and so was some nameless women. We were all in my parents room talking about something. what that something was I can't really remember. The the bedpost of my parents bed post turned into slender Man. Noah and the unnamed woman ran out of the room. The Next thing I know I was holding a pellet gun and was ready to take on Slender man. then I woke to the sound of my cell phone's alarm.  In hindsight using a pellet would not be very effective against an eldritch abomination, no?  
anyway here's a drawing from the dream.

On a much lighter note Shady's back from her Adventure with Victor. (Yay)

Well I guess that all I have to say for now.

Stay safe