Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm back in school. And though the faces may have changed, the problems are still the same. ps Rot is an ASSHOLE

Sorry if I didn't post anything sooner like I said I would for those who follow my YouTube page.   Anyway college has started back up again for me (yay) Any who I'm taking elementary Spanish 2 and world lit 1 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Which means I'll have Tuesdays and Thursdays to do as I please.  So far I'm really enjoying my classes.  But the best part of coming back to college, getting to see all my dear friends.

Also Rot was screwing with my dreams this past week.  I don't feel like going into too much detail about what the dreams are about but he's still trying his tactic of making me remember her when I really don't fucking want to and he's getting really aggressive about it as well.  Thankfully this weeks sleep has been a bit better thanks to Skan telling me about special herbs that help with dealing with rot.  Thanks skan, I owe you one.

I haven't seen the Rake since I got him drunk on absinthe. Hopefully I'll have more absinthe and rue oil for when he does come back.  Like I said many times before I have a plan.

Guess that's all I have to say for now.

Stay safe everyone
ps brownie points for anyone who can guess what the title of this post is a reference to.

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  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying your classes.
    You’re welcome. Rot’s a complete bastard.
    You haven’t seen the Rake either? That’s...disconcerting.