Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Absinthe, New plan of action, and some strange dreams

So my weekend was interesting.  I got to see what the Rake was like tipsy,  But I'm getting ahead of myself let's start from the beginning yes?

Last week me and Skan where discussing different ways to some how get rue(an herb that the Rake has a strong dislike for) into the Rake's system somehow. That's when I got the idea to use Absinthe a very strong alcoholic beverage that just happens to have wormwood in it.  Wormwood has the opposite effect on the Rake instead of running for the hill like what rue would do to him, apparently wormwood is in a sense like Rake-nip. Anyway my idea is to soak some raw meat in rue oil and absinthe, but first I wanted to see if absinthe would attract the Rake.  Now I know what some of you are saying"But Faustus Absinthe is hard to get and very expensive."  However I was able to find some absinthe albeit not the good kind but absinthe none the less. (and yes it was expensive)  Normally I could go on and on about alcohol but I'm getting off topic.  Time to start talking about my findings of what happens when the Rake drinks absinthe.

Date: August 13th.

I set a dish of absinthe out for the Rake that in an area where I cloud watch the Rake's reaction to The Absinthe. the Rake came around my property around 8:00 pm or so.  The Rake was doing his usual schtick of leaving me dead animals then it sniffed the air and noticed the dish with absinthe and started to greedily drink the stuff up.  After drank the absinthe he just sat there for a little while then he stood up rather clumsily and proceeded to fall flat on his ass.  I'm not going to lie seeing the thing that's been menacing me for awhile now was a pretty funny sight.  after that little display of clumsiness the Rake left.

Strange dreams have been plaguing my sleep since august 3rd  and another dream that was related to slender man on  August 8th.

Dream from august 3rd
I was walking around in the back fields of were I live when I saw a creature with long legs, walked on all fours, and was super tall. At first I thought is was slender man but slender man isn't covered with hair. It then looked at me then it looked at the wooded area then stared back at me for what seemed like five minutes. That's when I heard the sound of a low pitched siren and this creature ran off.  Each time I had this dream It seemed like I was getting closer to this creature.  The last time I dreamed about this creature I was so close to it I could smell it.  It smelled like the woods during winter time.  This time when it ran off i tried to chase after it but I trip over a rock or something and I remember I was help up by what looked like a plague doctor.  The Plague Doctor then told me to be a little more careful.  That was the last time I had the dream.

Drawing from the dream:

Dream from August 8th:
I remember that Noah was at my house for some reason and so was some nameless women. We were all in my parents room talking about something. what that something was I can't really remember. The the bedpost of my parents bed post turned into slender Man. Noah and the unnamed woman ran out of the room. The Next thing I know I was holding a pellet gun and was ready to take on Slender man. then I woke to the sound of my cell phone's alarm.  In hindsight using a pellet would not be very effective against an eldritch abomination, no?  
anyway here's a drawing from the dream.

On a much lighter note Shady's back from her Adventure with Victor. (Yay)

Well I guess that all I have to say for now.

Stay safe


  1. That last drawing.....
    The figure looks terrifyingly similar to the one in the drawings I saw about a year ago..
    Slender Man...

  2. @Zia: It is Slender Man. But I don't he's haunting me. And I think I have a few good reasons why.

  3. I meant I don't think slender man's haunting me.

  4. ...You got the Rake drunk? Faustus, I have a whole new level of respect for you right now. Ha.

  5. So the Rake is able to get drunk? That’s Awesome, haha.
    That long-legged hairy creature…I have no idea what it is. It’s very interesting though.

  6. Eheheh! Booze work on anything, boyo. Flammable too. Roast that sack of meat up sometime, would ya? Looks like he could be a tasty snack. ;)

  7. @Black Hawk: thank you man.

    @Skan: Shay said she was looking for info on that hairy thing from my dream. So hopefully I'll have some info soon.

    @Gallows-Tree: hmm roast rake, Rake kabobs, and best of all rake jerky. Of course I'd have to kill that bastard of course and find a butcher who'll ask no questions. Hehe. :