Friday, August 5, 2011

My minds made up.

I've decided to go to the area that was mention in the letter I got on August 2nd.  But I'm also bringing some smoke bombs, SC, and a knife just in case this is some kind of trap.  Though I'm not sure who would want to trap someone like me.  At any rate I'll be off to the location sometime tomorrow.  Well wish me luck and hopefully I'll have new info on Rot. 

Also on an unrelated note I think I may try to use the infusion on some rue with oil. I have a plan for the next time I see the Rake.

Til next time, Stay safe.



  1. If you go to a health food store, they will have essential oils there, including rue at a higher potency than anything you would be able to make at home barring some fancy equipment and tons of the herb.

    Rue as the herb in question makes a lot of sense. It was hung in doors during the Middle Ages to keep out "evil spirits" and the plague (probably because it's a good flea repellent). It was also used as an asperge (to sprinkle holy water or oils) during exorcisms in the early Christian Church and was sacred to several Pagan gods prior to that- Mars, Diana, Aradia...

    Here's from a website: "It is good for purifying objects made of iron, Mars' metal, before consecrating them. Rue was sometimes called witchbane because people carried bunches to keep off witches (who must have been thick as mosquitoes in those days), and the expression "rue the day" is said to come from the practice of throwing rue at an enemy while cursing him. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Italians made amulets called cimaruta from tin or silver made to resemble the tops of rue. The tip of each branch was decorated with a symbol, usually concerned with fertility: phalli, horns, solar disks, crescent moons, fish, keys, even the Sacred Heart of Jesus (how'd that get in there?). A cimaruta was meant to protect the wearer from the evil eye."

  2. Good luck Faustus. I hope all goes well for you. And the rue infusion seems like a good idea.

  3. Good luck finding what you're looking for. I hope it's not a trap. Having a trap set for you really sucks.