Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bad dreams

Before I start talking about recent events I'd like to mention that my spicy Concoction has helped another person being menaced by the Rake by the name of Skan who discovered my blog through a mutual acquaintance.

Any way on to the meat of the matter.  Around the date of July 16th or so I've been having a few bad dreams.  These weren't standard nightmares like Slender man and the Rake, no these were more dreams of a woman from my past that I'd rather sooner forget.  My memory is a little hazy on the first few nightmare but the earliest I remember happened around Tuesday July 19th and another dream I remembered happening on Friday July 22nd

Dream from July 19th:  I remember that I was walking to the living room of my home and I just happen to see the Rake sitting near my fire place smiling. That around the time the woman from my past appeared. I'm not certain what was said between us but she  said something that was enough to make something inside me snap and put my hands around their throat. Every fiber of my being is seething with this primal wrath. The Rake was still sitting near the fire place giggling at the whole situation. I then felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head to a man with avian like features. This man had a long bird like nose, Receding Hair line, black hair. His eyes were the scariest part. It looked like he had no coloration around his pupils.  The next thing know me and this avian bastard were both sitting at the dining room table and he introduced himself as Rot. Rot admitted he was the one who was reintroducing this person into my dreams. I asked him if he was responsible for the rake stalking around my house. He didn't give me an answer. All he did was say,"Why should I answer to someone like you? You who attacked someone you once considered a friend at one time." I was then awakened by my cellphone's alarm. 

 Before I talk about the Dream from July 22nd I'd like to mention that I was encouraged by two friends of mine Miss Shady and Mystery to try and lucid dream to deal with Rot.  I discovered a technique that works somewhat well.  This technique requires that one should open and closes ones hand in an attempt to maintain ones sense of the waking world and the dream world.  I've also heard of another technique that has to do with drawing some form of symbol on your hand and to check regularly to see if the symbol is still there if dreaming.  Personally I've been doing the former than the latter.  At any rate let's get on with the dream.  

Dream from July 22nd:  I remember I was heading out to my family's backyard to do some yard work until I noticed my hand was somewhat cartoonish. That was around the time the Rake showed up and attacked me. After the Rake left a nasty slash across my chest and left me for dead, I decided now was a good time to test the limits of lucid dreaming. I stood up healed my wounds and delivered what tv tropes would describe as a "curb-stomp battle" Alex Mercer style. I remember turning my arm into a tentacle grabbing the Rake and slamming him around the back yard. After gleefully slamming the Rake around like a rag doll I decide to give it a taste of it's own medicine i.e. giving myself claw hands and I proceeded to cut the Rake's fingers off one by one. After cutting his fingers off he began to make a sound I could only describe as whimpering. I finally decided to deliver the killing blow until someone stop my hand and said,"You're having a lot of fun mutilating her." I turned my head to see Rot and I asked why what he was doing in my dream and why he addressed the Rake as a her. He then told me to look for myself. I turned my head back to the Rake, but the Rake was no longer there and in it's place was her, the person from my past that Bastard made me remember. Then Rot whispered in my ear and told me,"You seem to have a lot of rage in your heart, why not continue to let it out, yes? Let yourself become the monster that I need." That's around the time I woke up in a cold sweat. After that little incident I didn't sleep once that weekend. 

I'm not completely sure what Rot meant by becoming the monster he needs but it's still very worrisome.

Also on a bit of a lighter note I've learned from Mystery how to liquify my spicy concoction by use of letting the ingredients soak in oil or alchool so I can use it in a spray bottle. Just in case.
Well I guess that's enough for tonight.
Stay Safe


  1. I like the fact that you went all Alex Mercer on the Rake in your dream. Very creative.
    Rot is strange. “Let yourself become the monster that I need”? That’s very disconcerting. My advice is to try not to let your anger get the best of you.

  2. I'll try to Skan. But the sad part in all this is me and that woman were really close at one time. Now, well let's just say we had a nasty falling out.


  3. Everyone has a dark side. I inherited my nasty temper from my father, and I have spent years bringing it under control. Have you heard the story of the two wolves? Don't feed your hatred of this woman. She's not in your life any more, so there's no reason to waste energy on feeding the wolf inside you with that hatred.

    As for the SC spray, just make sure you're upwind when you use it.

  4. Thank you both the words of wisdom. At any rate I'm going to try to lucid dream tonight in the hopes of meeting with Rot and asking him what he meant.