Monday, July 11, 2011


Last time I said I was going to talk about how to protect oneself against the Rake.  But first I want to remind anyone dealing with the rake recently a basic rule to follow.  When Dealing with the Rake it's best not to antagonize it and better to act like nothing wrong when it's around.  Demon or not it still has the tendencies of a wild animal and just like a wild animal if it's cornered, it will fight back and the results won't be pretty.  That aside I've been thinking of a few ways to keep him out of my home.  Hopefully if all goes well these tricks will help everyone in the long run.  One of the thing I did just to play it safe was to put a bit of a spicy concoction of hot green peppers, red pepper powder, hot sauce, and finally to top it all of some wasabi.  I mix these ingredients using a blender to create a paste like substance.  This substance's scent was strong enough to clear my sinuses.  I plan on using this stuff to deter the   Rake from getting into my house through the crawl space.

I'm also planning on testing the idea of putting an X on my door to keep the rake out.  Will it work only time will tell. 
Til next time.

Stay safe

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