Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dead animals, weapons, and a theroy that connects The Rake with slender Man

Since the incident from Monday, July 11th a certain someone has been leaving dead animals on my door step. These dead animals look like they have been sliced open by a pair of sharp claws.  At first The rake was only leaving dead birds, but now it's gotten to the point were it's leaving dead rabbits on my doorstep.  This is just the Rake's way of trying to intimidate me and it's not working.

Alright enough talk about the present the rake has been leaving me.  Now to talk about the kinds of weapons to use against the rake.  The first and probably the most obvious choice would be to use a gun of some sort. Unfortunatly the closest things i own that are close to that are a couple of b.b. guns and a air soft pistol.  These may help me in a jam though however I'd personally suggest using a gun if one owns one.  Melee weapons are also useful in a tight fix.  And by melee weapons I don't mean a baseball bat but axe's and swords. Pretty much anything you can use with a sharp point to fight that bastard off.  One more weapon that may work and this is strictly reserved for people with experience in both hand to hand combat and fighting  with a knife.  I'm referring to using a sort of clawed gauntlets to fight off the rake.  This makes since because the Rake's weapons a his claws and teeth.  And one people experienced enough with this sort of weapon could possibly even the playing field if need be.

I also have a theory that links The Rake with the slender man.  This theory also follows the idea that the writer of the blog "Make it Count" had about constants(happy thoughts). Anyway my theory goes like this: If a persons constants are too strong or they don't take the slender man seriously, slender man send The Rake to try to mess with them and in some cases kill them.  Keep in mind that this is just a theory I'm not sure how valid it is.

I think that's all I wanted to say for tonight.
Stay safe


  1. I mentioned your blog to a friend who is also having Rake issues. I hope you will be able to help one another.

  2. Hello, you can call me Skan. Yes, let’s help each other out. Do you mind if I use your Spicy Concoction? It’s a great discovery, and I plan on dousing my car with it so I can actually leave my property without the Rake harassing me. I’m not sure if your theory is valid or not, but it makes sense to me.

  3. @Skan: By all mean please use the concoction. Hell I'm probably going to try coating some b.b. gun pellets in the stuff. And don't forget to put an X on your door. I'm still not sure why he doesn't like that. At any rate good luck to you.